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COLD OR FLU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE The flu and a cold can have similar symptoms. The difference is how intense they feel and how common they are. In general, symptoms of the flu appear quickly, while symptoms of a cold happen slowly. People experience symptoms differently. Dear Doc, What’s the big deal with the flu this year? It’s all over the news. Isn’t it similar to any other cold caused by a virus? The “flu”, refers to an upper respiratory infection caused by a specific virus, the Influenza virus. Compared with viruses that result in the common cold, the flu causes []. This year’s flu is so bad that more people are going to the doctor for flu-like symptoms than usual–and rightly so. “If you suspect you have the flu, then you should see the doctor within 48 hours because [antiviral] medicine has to be taken very quickly,” Dr. Peterson says. Most of us don't go to the doctor when we have a cold or even the flu. But there are times when our symptoms may warrant a visit for further evaluation or treatment. If you aren't sure when to see a doctor for your cold and flu symptoms, this list will help clear up the confusion.

Yes it is very possible to have flu without any cold symptoms. People often associate the flu with colds or mistake made colds for flu, which I did until I actually caught proper flu now know I have only had flu properly the once & felt like death warmed up, but no cold symptoms at all. I used to think that we were powerless when it came to fighting the cold and flu viruses because modern medicine tells us we are. I’d get sick, shut down, and basically just let myself be miserable for a week or more, until my body finally kicked the yuckiness to the curb. There is no cure for the common cold, right? Except, no. I had suspected swine flu without respiritory symptoms though I did have a sore throat. I would agree with the comment above but swine flu is relatively mild. Swine flu will put you in bed for two or three days then you will feel fatigued for a couple more. I would say that swine flu is not as bad as 'proper' flu.

Flu symptoms can vary from person to person but most people with influenza will experience some, if not all, of the symptoms listed here. If you are concerned and think you might have the flu, contact your health care provider to determine the best course of action and treatment for you. You have cold or flu symptoms: you can take paracetamol max. 3/day, tablets of 500mg, rest at home and call us if the problem continues.Una s indro me da raffreddamento o influenzale: pu oi a ssum er e del paracetamolo max 3/al giorno, per le compresse da 500mg, riposati a c as a e s e il problema non s i risolve c hi amaci. Doctors help you with trusted information about Cough in Influenza: Dr. Miller on can you have the flu without a cough: Some patients with flu have mild illness without fever. Home Remedies for Cold And Flu. The beauty of the products listed below is that they have antibacterial and antiviral properties. 1. Colloidal Silver. Colloidal silver has been used for centuries as a remedy for all kinds of health problems. It has antiviral effects which are important for getting rid of the viruses that cause colds and flu.

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